LEVLcare Device
LEVLcare Device
LEVLcare Device
LEVLcare Device
LEVLcare Device

LEVLcare Device

$2,499 $199/month includes device and monthly supplies (25 months)

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Financing Details

  • $299 at time of purchase plus $299/month interest free from 24 months.
  • At the end of the contract term, total monthly payments will be $199/month for the LEVLcare subscription.
  • The subscription includes the LEVLcare Dashboard, monthly delivery of a 30-day sensor and 250 disposable mouthpieces and bi-annually delivery of a 6-month supply of calibration gas. These supplies are required for device accuracy.
  • Your initial shipment includes all of the required accessories to get the LEVL device up and running; 1 power cord, 2 breath pods, 275 disposable mouthpieces and 1 set of calibration canisters (6-month supply). Additional accessories can be purchase HERE.

Learn more...
  • The LEVLcare device non-invasively measures ketones in exhaled breath.
  • FDA registered. Exempt from CLIA. HIPAA compliant. Insurance reimbursable.
  • Provides biomarker insights that confirm the effectiveness of nutrition and fitness plans.
  • Reduces time spent on wellness programs that are not working for the individual.
  • Complements and adds to client interaction by providing accountability and stickiness.
  • Tailor wellness plans with real-time metabolic data.
  • Seamlessly syncs to the optional iOS or Android app via Bluetooth for additional insights. 
  • The supplies include monthly delivery of replacement sensors and 250 disposable mouthpieces and bi-annual delivery of calibration gas to ensure device accuracy.
  • Choose the Finance option and pay $299 at the time of purchase plus $299/month interest-free for 24 months (includes supplies).

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